Friday, January 14, 2011

When I buy a new Computer, what kind of processor should I get?

When you are shopping for a new computer these days, it can still be daunting with the differnet types of processors out there. Here are some simple tips to help you choose a good one.

There are 2 major players when it comes to processors - Intel and AMD. I'll start with Intel.

Intel - Dual core processor - slower since it has less cache on the chip. Avoid if at all possible
Core 2 Duo - This is the one to choose. It has more cache and will perform better overall relative to speed (2.2 Mhz, etc).

AMD - AMD is generally pretty simple when buying a desktop computer. Look for an Athlon X2 64bit processor and you can't go wrong. AMD's are generally lower cost relative to Intel, and whether they perform better is always a matter of debate.

So in closing, when choosing a processor, look for a couple simple things, and either Intel or AMD are good choices.

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