Thursday, July 14, 2011

Four things you can do to increase productivity

Increasing business productivity can be a simple task. It doesn’t have to make a huge dent in your budget nor does it require major technology changes or even a deep understanding of IT. With some minor adjustments, you can easily make your business more productive and efficient.
Keep downtime to a minimum.

Plan technology changes ahead of time and take into account the future of your business. By doing this, you’re allowing yourself to keep your business up and running efficiently while avoiding rushed technology decisions that may not be the best long-term choice. It’s important that the technology you put into place helps support your lasting business goals.

Tidy up the office.

Another effective, minor change is to reduce noise and clutter in your office by making it more enjoyable to work in and a warmer environment to host customers and clients.

• Store information electronically — Reduce paper mounds and filing cabinets by storing documents electronically. This could be as simple as using or Dropbox and a Network Attached Storage box is easy and affordable and can be installed by anyone. This allows greater business productivity because documents are easier to find and share, it’s more secure and easier to backup and it can also save money with less printing.

• Use space saving technology — Replace the need for your PC and monitor with an all-in-one or ultra-compact system. You can also buy a multi-function printer that can replace your office’s fax, printer, scanner and copier.

• Use wireless technologies — Reduce cable clutter and easily move technology around between employees or when you change office settings by implementing a wireless network with wireless headsets, keyboards and mice.

• Be environmentally conscious — When purchasing new technology, save on energy costs by buying products that have low noise and heat standards; they may not cost any more than the high noise and heat products.

Use dual screens or larger monitors.

Save time switching between windows, documents and applications by using dual screens or larger monitors. Viewing more at once helps process information better, which can lead to increased productivity. This also aids in less printer use since you’ll be able to see everything on the monitor with no need to print.

Office layout is key.

Ensure your office layout is organized to cultivate a productive workforce. Do this by not having employees walk to far to execute the major parts of their jobs including accessing printers, fax machines and copiers. Less time in transit is more time to work.

Increasing business productivity is so very important and even the minor changes yield big results. Office improvements, whether big or small, should be explored in order to increase productivity levels in your small business. WTS can help by providing an array of technology options to ensure your business continues to thrive.